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Episode 3 – Richard Smithson: Patience

Richard Smithson - Patience

I’m a composer and sound designer for theatre, dance and visual media based in Manchester. I work with award winning theatre directors and compose music for media, where my music has been used in 1000s of productions worldwide. I actually graduated from the music production course at Uclan in 2012, and heard about GSM when I was living in Lancaster.

Episode 1 – Saint Diskette

Rhys Sumner, working under the pseudonym Saint Diskette, is a 21-year-old composer and music producer currently based in Wigan, collaborating with artists across North West England. Rhys specialises in electronic music, namely the genres hip-hop, trap and drum and bass, and he recently graduated from a three-year music production course at UCLan in Preston. Notable […]

Akogo Dance – Inside The Studio


Jack Davenport and Olie Halstead use the ‘Unique Sounds Of Uganda’ sample pack, we have created a dance track based around the Akogo and Adungu. Using Global Sound Movement‘s ‘Unique Sounds Of Uganda’ sample pack, Jack and Oliver have created a dance track based around the Akogo and Adungu. The Akogo is a an African thumb piano and […]

Traditional Ugandan Music and Dance Evening

Ndere Centre, Uganda

The Ndere Centre is known as the Home of Cultures and has ‘cultural nites’ throughout the week, which made it the right place to close the week. Bringing the week to a close, it seemed appropriate to spend our last night enjoying the traditional music and dance of Uganda. The Ndere Centre is known as […]

Brass for Africa – Good Shepherd Home


In 2009 Brass for Africa placed brass instruments into the home and helped initiate a music program for the children. The charity funds twice-weekly brass band lessons uniting everyone through the sound of music. Towards the end of the week we were offered the chance to visit a different charity – Brass for Africa, which […]

Bethlehem Orphanage


The Bethlehem Orphanage is the sister home of the Good Shepherd,they care for over 300 homeless people, orphans and street kids and are run by the Missionaries of the Poor. The Bethlehem Orphanage is the sister home of the Good Shepherd, which we visited earlier on in the day. Between the two homes, they care […]

Kampala Christian Church


As Uganda is a religiously diverse nation, with Christianity and Islam being the most widely professed. It seemed appropriate to participate in something that is so wide spread throughout the country. To bring us to the end of the week, we chose to spend the last day engrossed Ugandan music and culture. To start it […]