Monthly Archives: November 2016

Recording the Santuri

The GSM team had been looking forward to seeing this instrument played, this was an instrument that we really wanted to capture on this trip. Traditionally invented in Iran, Kuwait, Syria the instrument had travelled a long way from the middle east until it got to the destination of Turkey/Cyprus. We had spent a long […]

Trip to Famagusta


Famagusta our first destination has a tender touch, as it was here where the first Turkish invasion of 1974 took place. Famagusta is a city on the east coast of Cyprus, it is the capital of the Gazimagusa District of Northern Cyprus and possesses the deepest harbour of the island. Our first destination has a […]

Eastern Mediterranean University: An Evening of Music


Global Sound Movement were lucky enough to be invited to spend an evening with a group of local musicians at the Eastern Mediterranean University, where we were then allowed to sample a few of their traditional instruments. During our time in Famagusta, the Global Sound Movement were lucky enough to be invited to spend an […]

Introducing: The Rockenspiel


GSM develop a unique percussive digital instrument, with surprising melodic qualities, that is able to evoke themes of modern electronic music akin to that of popular artists such as Flume and Bonobo, whilst still maintaining an inherently natural sound. Whilst visiting Paphos in the south of Cyprus, the Global Sound Movement team attempted something new, […]

Troodos Mountains: Following the River

Recording the Trodoos mountains

The GSM team decided to take a trip up to one such park, and then work our way down on foot, following the river to the Kalidonia waterfalls, and recording our journey as we went. Troodos is a large mountain range located in the centre of Cyprus, and is home to a vast stretch of […]