Zadar, Croatia: 16-20 May 2017

Project Objectives

Instrument: ‘Morske Orgulje’ – Sea Organ
Natural audio landscapes and individual sonic environments along with unique musical instruments are at the heart of the GSM. Locating these, recording them and creating accessible libraries for composers to use in new works, or for anyone to enjoy is essential to our project. ‘Morske Orgulje’ – Sea Organ located in Zadar, Croatia became of particular interest to the GSM as, along with this incredible instrument being unique, it is played by the environment and forms part of the local ambience. The Sea Organ is essentially ‘played’ by the tidal movement of the Adriatic Sea. Waves fill pipes and force air through chambers creating pitches and harmonies. As the movement of the sea is never the same, there is a continual, never ending soundtrack to this city provided by nature.

GSM took many recordings over a period of time in different forms in order to capture and recreate this instrument. Many 5.1 and stereo recordings were taken that will form part of a unique installation that will accompany 360 footage and images. Also, each octave was sampled multiple times capturing the musical notes, but also the incidental mechanical sound. Through months of post-production, this has been developed into a sampler instrument that can be played using MIDI controllers through digital audio workstations.

GSM will release this instrument as a free download and hope that it will help develop creativity within song writing and composition.

News & Press

Environmental Recordings

Our Zadar sample package will include serval environmental recordings from this part of Croatia, all recorded, produced, and available to download in 96kHz, 24bit .wav format. 

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GSM Times Higher Education Winner

Global Sound Movement Times Higher Award Winners

The GSM are thrilled to have been awarded a Times Higher Education Award for excellence and innovation in the arts.

This award is not just about us –  the work we do allows us to connect cultures, break down social boundaries, and aid communities in need all over the world. The charities that we have worked with on our travels have turned into dearly valued partners.