Ubud, Bali: 22-28 July 2016

Project Objectives

Bali; One of the seventeen thousand islands that make up Indonesia, and home to one of the worlds oldest instruments. Dated at 300 BC the Moon of Pejeng is the largest ‘Single Cast’ drum in the world, and is situated in a Hindu Temple outside Ubud. This information was enough for the GSM to travel the 9,943 miles and develop music projects and relationships with communities across Bali.

Gamelan music forms much of the musical cultural heritage of Bali and the GSM worked with multiple  groups across the island in order to preserve and document these instruments. As authenticity is important to the GSM, the Gamelan instruments were recorded during sessions in community halls and performance spaces in remote villages, places they are often heard. The variety of instruments and the way in which they have been sampled creates a sonically rich sound library of traditional Gamelan instruments. Traditional dance and vocal performances were captured too.

High-resolution location recordings were taken in order to capture the unique sounds of Bali. From natural waterfalls and rivers to religious festivals at Hindu Temples, from rice fields to the hustle and bustle of markets and towns. These recordings document the diversity of sonic environments throughout this beautiful island.

Indonesian timber is renowned for making musical instruments such as guitars. However, the continuing deforestation across the islands is a big issue. One answer being put forward is to make musical instruments out of Bamboo in order to utilize a sustainable material. GSM worked with an instrument maker who is currently creating electric guitars and digeridoos from Bamboo. The results are wholly unique.

Environmental Recordings

Our Bali sample package will include serval environmental recordings from this part of Indonesia, all recorded, produced, and available to download in 96kHz, 24bit .wav format. From bustling city center’s to incests, we’ve attempted to capture as many diverse sounds for use as possible.

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GSM Times Higher Education Winner

Global Sound Movement Times Higher Award Winners

The GSM are thrilled to have been awarded a Times Higher Education Award for excellence and innovation in the arts.

This award is not just about us –  the work we do allows us to connect cultures, break down social boundaries, and aid communities in need all over the world. The charities that we have worked with on our travels have turned into dearly valued partners.