Gibraltar: 10-14 July 2017

About the project

Gibraltar is a unique place for many reasons. The furthest southern point of Europe and the gateway for the Mediterranean Sea. A British territory, but wholly unique in culture, pace of life, language and identity. The airport, beaches, commercial shipping port, cruise terminal, high street, nature reserve and the Rock itself ensure that the sound of this landscape changes with every step taken. Gibraltar being such a small land mass with rich mythology and history, plus such sonic diversity made this the ideal location for a GSM project.

According to Greek mythology Hercules completed twelve tasks, the tenth being the parting of Europe and Africa. As such, it is believed that there are two pillars where this took place. 

One on the Rock of Gibraltar and One in Morocco. Whilst both sites are visible to each other during clear weather, they are miles apart with the Mediterranean straits separating them. GSM decided to reunite these sites through a musical project. 

The ‘Rock’ of Gibraltar houses many caves and spaces used throughout history including the second world war. The GSM team gained access to these spaces and managed to record the ‘Reverb’ inside these locations and through post production have made theses ‘Spaces/ available to be used in music production software. A full pack of these impulse responses is available in the GSM shop. 

Our journey through pictures

Pillars United:
Recording Session

Capturing the sound of
Gibraltar: Day

Capturing the sound of
Gibraltar: Night

Location Recordings
around Gibraltar

Environmental Recordings

Our Gibraltar environmental sample pack provides you with recordings from across the island, all recorded, produced, and available to download in 96kHz, 24bit .wav format. From bustling city centers to deserted beaches, we’ve even captured the most urban and its most natural areas.

Click on the pins to the right to sample some of the recordings.

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GSM Times Higher Education Winner

Global Sound Movement Times Higher Award Winners

The GSM are thrilled to have been awarded a Times Higher Education Award for excellence and innovation in the arts.

This award is not just about us –  the work we do allows us to connect cultures, break down social boundaries, and aid communities in need all over the world. The charities that we have worked with on our travels have turned into dearly valued partners.