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Exploring transitions between traditional culture and digital media

The Hani App Fabric project by UCLan Senior Lecturer in Games Design, Bev Bush contributes to the visual arts by exploring transitions between traditional culture and digital media to create new artefacts. This research is a collaboration with The Global Sound Movement.  Audiences can interact in a unique way with GSM sampled sounds from the […]

Performance from Musicians in Xiongxian

The second part of the day in Xiongxian consisted of recording an ensemble with some very well respected musicians. This group are used to playing on larger stages around China and, now in higher demand due to the changes due to take place with this province. We thank the Dean Lu of Hebei University for […]

Recording in Xiongxian

It is March 2018 and day 2. We have just arrived in Xiongxian, the forgotten backwater spot in China. Xiongxian is now at the heart of President Xi’s ‘Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration plan’. The “Jing-Jin-Ji” project is one of the President’s two main development initiatives, alongside the “One Belt, One Road” trade and infrastructure strategy. A lot […]