About Global sound movement

What does the organisation do?

Through sound based recording projects GSM travel to and work with international communities in their natural setting to sample unique, hand built instruments of ethnic significance. In addition, natural ambient recordings are made to catalogue the sonic environment/s GSM work in. Through a process of post-production, virtual instruments and sound libraries are generated that can be integrated with music production software enabling composers internationally to use these rare sounds. Environmental recordings are captured at high resolution and are compliant with broadcast standards.

Where the organisation operates

Research, post-production, web design and marketing are all carried out in Lancashire UK, however due to the nature of the work, GSM travel to multiple international locations.

What’s the organisations purpose?

To capture unique musical instruments / rare sounds from around the world and make them globally accessible through new technology, providing a world stage for communities in social or economic need.

How the organisation provides benefits

The digital audio products generated by the GSM are packaged and sold via the unique GSM website with all monies being donated to the instrument builders. This provides a unique, sustainable income stream to the community. Such funds are used to secure assistance with farming crops, building new homes, providing food / clothing or financing education.

Who the organisation helps

GSM currently supports projects in Uganda, Africa and Java plus Bali, Indonesia. This commitment will continue as more products are sold that relate to these areas. New projects have been identified in, China, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Morocco and Chile. Each of these projects will see the GSM partner with communities in economic need.

The Co-Founders

Phil Holmes

Philip Holmes

Co-Founder / Producer

Paresh Parmar

Paresh Parmar

Co-Founder / Marketeer

Phil Bush

Philip Bush

Co-Founder / Producer

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