GSM on BBC One Inside Out – 16 March 2020

A special feature aired on BBC One. Mark Radcliffe presented a production by Inside Out, North West.

This feature rounds up 5 years of practice-based research. GSM have travelled carefully around the world to sample instruments of rare and of cultural significance. The team have repurposed these sounds making them accessible through numerous methods. The feature is a showcase of our work, including the creation of sample packs to new innovations enabling learning of traditional instruments virtually.

In light of all current bans on travel due to Covid-19 GSM are grateful to have had the opportunity to travel to these villages, meet these communities and document to preserve the sounds and stories.

Towards the end you will see Aziz Ibrahim does a wonderful job in showcasing how these samples can be repurposed. The outcome of the project has surpassed our expectations, with requests, awards, collaborations and media coverage. We are really enjoying the journey and look forward to sharing more outcomes.

Huge thanks to Phil Bush, Phil Holmes, Paresh Parmar, Josh Wright, Josh Taylor, Bev Bush, Mark Radcliff, Aziz Ibrahim, Laurence Inwood, Ged Clarke, and the BBC One Inside out Team.