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GSM on BBC One Inside Out – 16 March 2020

A special feature aired on BBC One. Mark Radcliffe presented a production by Inside Out, North West. This feature rounds up 5 years of practice-based research. GSM have travelled carefully around the world to sample instruments of rare and of cultural significance. The team have repurposed these sounds making them accessible through numerous methods. The […]

Exploring transitions between traditional culture and digital media

The Hani App Fabric project by UCLan Senior Lecturer in Games Design, Bev Bush contributes to the visual arts by exploring transitions between traditional culture and digital media to create new artefacts. This research is a collaboration with The Global Sound Movement.  Audiences can interact in a unique way with GSM sampled sounds from the […]

GSM recreate the sounds of stalactites during an exhibition Gibraltar

Gibraltar Chronicle – 28/02/2019 University of Central Lancashire Music Production Course Leader Phil Holmes takes the Gibraltar Chronicle through the different sounds a stalactite at St Michael’s Cave would sound if it was situated in different locations around the Rock. The team recorded the sound of the stalactites being slapped and the reverberation it makes. […]

The Hub – Gibraltar

‘Hidden Melodies’ – located in Gibraltar 27/02/19 This project showcases the trip to Gibraltar with the intention of capturing a wholly unique musical instrument. ‘Hidden Melodies’ presents the unique sounds and music hidden inside the Rock itself within the stalactites and stalagmites of lower St. Michaels Cave. GSM captured these incredible sounds along with multiple […]

Episode 5 – Brandon Vare:

Brandon Vare

About Brandon Vare  My name is Brandon Vare, I produce Music and Video. I started making electronic music specifically when I was 15 since then I have made over a 1000 pieces of music, 36 of which have been released into the world (Music for Film, Powerline and Moonlighting.) I have been recently producing music […]