Our Productions


‘Olympus’ is a soundtrack style composition showcasing the diverse qualities of the Cypriot Santuri and Bouzouki instruments, blended with environmental recordings from our visit to the Troodos Mountains.


‘Lazarus’ is an original composition featuring a pronounced drum beat accompanied by a variety of Cypriot instruments, including the original GSM lithophone instrument – The Rockenspiel


‘Aphrodite’ is an original composition built upon various sonic environments from across Cyprus, with the Bouzouki instrument building to create layers of looping melodies, accompanied by the percussive rhythms of the Davul, Darbuka and Bendir


‘Othello’, named after Othello Castle in Famagusta, is a hip-hop inspired composition created in Ableton Live, combining the distinctive timbre of the Santuri with powerful bass rhythms, and the sounds of Famagusta beaches

Produced by Conflux Productions | With special thanks to photographer and videographer, Emma Carney