Amadinda: Xylophone – Percussion


Forming part of the Ugandan percussion family; the Akadinda, Entaara and Embaire are sister instruments to the Amadinda.

The Amadinda is another popular member of the melodic percussion family from Uganda.

The instrument features two ‘shoulders’ carved into the bottom of the instrument, allowing for the keys to stay fixed when they are placed onto the wooden resonant chamber below. Smaller than the Akadinda, the Amadinda is designed to be played by two musicians simultaneously – both sitting on either side of the instrument and striking the keys with wooden beaters.

The smaller size of the Amadinda provides it with a pluckier and higher pitched timbre, making it an excellent inclusion into many musical ensemble and performance groups.



  • Zoom H6 - Stereo setup 2x DPA
  • GoPro 4 - Timelapse recording
  • LG 360 Camera


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