The Sounds of Uganda


Global Sound Movement travelled to Uganda to record local hand built instruments and environmental recordings that form the unique sound of this central African country.

Every instrument was sampled to create a sonically rich and exclusive library that has been put together for use in Logic’s EXS24 Sampler and Native Instruments Kontakt. The ‘Akadinda’ for example was constructed by the musicians in Nakimembe. The specific locations and unique construction of each instrument sampled provides a completely new palette of sound that can be easily used for compositions and arrangements.

The environmental and / location recordings are taken as 96Khz, 24bit WAVs to ensure high quality for a range of uses including; synchronisation to motion picture and background ambient tracks for games, film makers or music producers. Locations are scouted and selected based on sonic individuality providing unique collections of audio.

The ‘Full Pack’ contains the content of both ‘Environmental’ AND the ‘Samples & Loop Pack’ for great value.

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