The Sounds of Cyprus


The GSM Cyprus package contains four Sampler Instruments for Logic’s EXS24, Native Instruments Kontakt, and Ableton’s Sampler. The four instruments bundled inside are the Santuri, the Bouzouki, the Rockenspiel, and a Cypriot percussion file comprised of three drums; the Darbuka, the Davul and the Bendir. The audio samples for each instrument are all .wav files, formatted at 48kHz, 24bit, and have all been professionally processed – ensuring every instrument is to a high quality standard.

Also included in our Cypriot sample package, you will find over 60 minutes of environmental recordings from across the island, all recorded, produced, and available to download in 96kHz, 24bit .wav format. From bustling city centers to deserted beaches, we’ve attempted to capture Cyprus at its most urban and its most natural.

Lastly, we’ve also bundled together 220 loops at varying tempos, all produced at 48kHz, 24bit .wav format. Some of these loops originate from performances that we captured during our time in Cyprus, and others have been generated by our team of engineers and producers, with the aim of delivering audio materials that are sonically rich and entirely transferrable between musical genres.

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