Episode 4 – Edoardo Talenti:

About Edoardo Talenti

Born and raised in Italy, I moved to LA to attend the Drum Program at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. After graduating, I worked as a professional drummer for a few years and started getting interested in music composition and production. I landed a job working for Magnus Fiennes, where I composed some of the music for a BBC One TV show called “Death In Paradise”, a few short movies and really got an insight on the life of a music producer. After that, I decided to move back to Italy and pursue a career as a full-time producer.

Could you describe your aims and intentions at the beginning of this project?
As soon as I heard of GSM and what they were doing I got really interested in the idea behind it. The concept of creating sound libraries from traditional instruments from around the world is very appealing to me. Hip Hop has always been and will always be about sampling, about making something new with something from the past, basically turning history into news. I feel like much of what GSM is doing really fits that concept and I’m all about it.

How would you describe your working processes?
It really depends on what I’m making. I usually have the music already in my head, and my job consists mostly of “transcribing” what I already hear and trying to replicate the sounds I imagine, but in the real world. As far as this beat goes, I started scrolling through a bunch of the samples from GSM’s libraries until I found something that resonated with me. After that, I started vibing off of it and created the track around that original performance.

What daw(s) do you use?
Ableton. Always and forever.

How did you find using the GSM samplers?
They were fast and very responsive. Quality of the sounds was impeccable and there were lots of unique instruments I definitely didn’t have anywhere in my library.

How did you integrate the gsm instruments into your music?
I used one of the samples, I believe from the Cyprus loop library. After messing with its tempo, pitch and changing some of the musical phrasing in it, I layered it with another sample from the same library, running at double speed and an octave above its original pitch. Let’s be honest, the samples are the foundation of this track! If you listen to the first 10 seconds of the track you’ll hear what I’m saying.

Is there any particular instrument or sampler that you favoured over the others?
I really like the Loops. I’m not sure if they’re actual performances or if they were made by playing the sample libraries, but they sure FEEL like real performances. They add a really nice, organic touch to the production.

What are your plans for the future?
I recently launched my beatstore and I plan to turn it into a full-time job by next summer. I’ve been creating a nice, supportive community of people on Instagram and I definitely plan on focusing on that even more and turn into something bigger and better for everybody involved. Aside from all that, the plan is to make as much music as I can possibly make and have a blast doing it!

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