Adungu: Bow Harp – String instrument

The Adungu is part of the Ugandan string family; with varying features it is also similar to the Adeudeu.

The Adungu is part of the Ugandan string family, boasting many features similar to that of the Adeudeu.

The Adungu is essentially a nine-string arched harp, consisting of a bowed wooden neck, which is connected to a large resonating chamber. The strings run parallel to one another and are unequal in length, providing the Adungu with various timbral strengths.

Ugandan musicians use the Adungu to accompany lyrical songs, as well as to create solo compositions, and often to perform with as part of larger musical ensembles. In traditional music the Adungu is tuned to a pentatonic scale, but is also tuned to suit a more modern style, which they use diatonic scale.



  • Zoom H6 - Stereo setup 2x DPA
  • GoPro 4 - Timelapse recording
  • LG 360 Camera


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