Bethlehem Orphanage

Location: Mengo-Kisenyi

Location: Mengo-Kisenyi

The Bethlehem Orphanage is the sister home of the Good Shepherd, which we visited earlier on in the day. Between the two homes, they care for over 300 homeless people, orphans and street kids and are run by the Missionaries of the Poor. An order of Catholic priests from Kingston, Jamaica, as part of a wider programme of services for the community. Unlike the Good Shepherd, which is for boys only, the Bethlehem Orphanage is for both boys and girls. This was a smaller facility, however it was just as capturing, especially when you started getting to know the children of the orphanage.

Although we visited a range of slum areas, they were all different, apart from who suffers the most – the children. It was quite inspiring to see how positive the children were but this is partially down to the homes and charities that set out to help. I like most music and dance plays a big part in their culture and spirits.

Blog post and Photography - Laura Holton

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