Walking Around Kampala

Location: Kampala road / Parliamentary Avenue / Nile Avenue

Location: Kampala road / Parliamentary Avenue / Nile Avenue

Kampala is built around seven hills not far from the shores of Lake Victoria and is the capital of Uganda. Although it is built up of many buildings and roads, there is no lack of green space, which can be quite surprising to visitors. There is a strong city atmosphere to Kampala, which makes a change from what we have experienced the other days of the week. As we have spent the majority of time outside of Kampala itself, it seemed only right that we experience the city atmosphere, which we set out to capture. Unlike the other instrumental samples we previously collected, we set out to gather Kampala’s environmental street sounds. Reflecting another side of Uganda.

Although we were collecting sample sounds, we were also taking in the beauty of Kampala. Viewing a range of buildings and statues as we passed, including the Ugandan Parliamentary building. The recording followed our path back to the hotel covering a range of streets with varying atmospheres.

Blog post and Photography - Laura Holton

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