Albert Ssempeke’s House

Location: Albert Ssempeke’s House

Location: Albert Ssempeke’s House

To get the most out of our time in Uganda, the GSM team were split into two; this was partially due to space allowance in the musician’s house. As this was a sampling day, four of our audio engineers/producers and one of our photographers travelled to Albert Ssempeke’s house. It formed a day of experiences, not just for the music but also the cultural traditions and building structures that form their community. We were welcomed to have lunch with Albert and his family between samples, enjoying a traditional dish cooked by his wife. Throughout the day we were able to sample over ten instruments, all played by musician Albert Ssempeke.

Today was the most successful as of yet, just by the vast amount of instruments we were able to experience. We were able to collect a range of drums, percussion, string and wind instruments that had their own unique, Ugandan sound.

Blog post - Laura Holton | Photography - Paresh Parmar

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