Nile Discovery Resort Beach

Location: Jinja

Location: Jinja

Throughout our stay at the Jinja Nile Resort, we were teased by the views of the Nile and decided to get a closer look. The day was planned around sampling the environmental sounds of the Nile, with this in mind we travelled to the Nile Discovery Resort Beach. Located at the edge of the Nile, the resort was built as a family nature park, yet it never officially opened as the park ran out of funding. The resort is filled with a range of wildlife, predominantly birds, giving us the opportunity to capture a sequence of environmental sounds incorporating both the Nile and the habitat surrounding it.

To get a wide variety of sounds we had two groups, one that did the inside of the resort and the other the edge of Nile. This allowed for no duplicate recording, as well as producing a larger collection of sounds by the Nile. Many of the recordings were picked up by the Zoom H4M’s and had a range of still and moving recordings. One sample we were not expecting to get was a Ugandan thunderstorm, which was sampled in the resort towards the end of theday. The atmosphere of the Nile captured us all and we set out to do the same within the samples and photographs we took on the day.

Blog post and Photography - Laura Holton

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