Jinja Nile Resort

Location: Jinja, Jinja-Budondo road

Location: Jinja, Jinja-Budondo road

Beginning our days in Jinja, we travelled from Kampala to our hotel. The Jinja Nile Resort rests on the banks of the Nile and is situated 80km outside of Kampala and 4km away from Jinja town. The hotel is set over 30 acres and provides constant panoramic views of the Nile. The resort is also home to two types of monkey, who run free throughout the grounds. As well as being a beautiful place to stay, it also offered us the chance to capture a variety of environmental sounds. On the first night we spent our time testing the equipment and sampling base sounds, which gave us an example of the sounds we could capture in the resort.

Through the nights we stayed at the resort we were able to focus on sampling the atmosphere of the Jinja Nile Resort. These consisted of varying sounds and times of day so we could get the variety we experienced everyday. Sounds varied from birds to monkeys to wind and rain. The resort was even better than we originally thought, as we were able to add more samples to the Ugandan collection than we expected. Every aspect of Uganda we experienced, we wanted to capture in sounds and images. Allowing us to create a full composition of Uganda.

Blog post and Photography - Laura Holton

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