Conflux Production Pearl EP

Conflux Production in partnership with Global Sound Movement are very proud to release their debut EP - Pearl. 

This EP consists of four tracks of electronica that utilise GSM's 'Unique Sounds Of Uganda' sample pack. Using Logic Pro and Ableton Live, we have taken the samplers, loops and environmental recordings from this sample pack and blended them with synths, drum machines and western rhythms to create four different tracks.

This 4 track EP explores genres such as house, garage and electronica within an overarching African theme. Jack and Ollie tried to represent their time in Uganda within the four tracks, attempting to capture the spirit of the place and the people within the music that we have created.

Track 1 - Akogo Dance
Track 2 - What Would You Do?
Track 3 - Nile Discovery
Track 4 - I Remember Uganda

Download the file here


Jack Davenport - Linkedin - Soundclound
Oliver Halstead - Linkedin 

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