Akogo Dance – Inside The Studio

Using Global Sound Movement‘s ‘Unique Sounds Of Uganda’ sample pack, Jack and Oliver have created a dance track based around the Akogo and Adungu. The Akogo is a an African thumb piano and the Adungu is a type of African harp. Using the EXS24 and Kontakt instruments in Logic Pro X, they have created groovy melodies and progressions that portray the busy and lively atmosphere of downtown Kampala on an evening.

Arranged in Ableton Live and accompanied with drum machines, a keyboard part and a bassline, ‘Akogo Dance’ is an energetic electronic piece that combines East African instruments with elements of House, Garage and Disco music. There is also use of one of the nature recordings of the wildlife at night in one of the breaks, adding a natural element to the sonic texture of ‘Akogo Dance.’

This track was influenced by the recent works of Jamie XX and Disclosure, as well as French electronic music pioneers Daft Punk.

This is the first of several tracks that Conflux Productions have written and produced using the ‘Unique Sounds Of Uganda’ sample pack, all of which will be released as an EP in partnership with the Global Sound Movement in the near future.


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