Introducing: The Artist Series

The Global Sound Movement Artist Series aims to focus on musicians and producers across the globe and how they use our GSM sampler instruments and sounds, in the creation of their own original and unique compositions.

Throughout our travels we have experienced how musicians of different cultures create beautifully organic music that varies greatly in regards to rhythm, structure and musical scale. As a result, we at the GSM are interested in seeing how the instruments and sounds from these cultures are applied by creative artists working within many genres and styles, and how they experience using instruments that are rare and unusual throughout most of the western world.  

We give an artist two weeks in which we task them with the creation of a small EP of new original music that utilises GSM digital instruments and sounds. At the end of the two-week period we culminate the process in an interview with the artist, endeavouring to explore how our materials have affected their working processes. So far we’ve been delighted by some of the ways that our instruments have encouraged creativity in the people that are making music with them.

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